Multi Listing Service

Multi-Listing Service

group of estate agents How does this work?

First of all, move2Gozo prepares all the online marketing materials, write ups, and professional photography.  We ensure all selected agencies who work with us portray EXACTLY the same information that we have prepared.   The MARKETING message is CONSISTENT. Also the PRICE is CONSISTENT

By managing and accompanying all viewings ourselves, in tandem with any other agents marketing the property through us, we totally eliminate de-ja-vue experiences by buyers, and equally ensure that owners do not get repeat viewings by the same buyers from multiple agencies.  This means we do not waste your time or that of the buyers unnecessarily. It also means that owners can have several agents marketing their property without having to cut and provide keys for each and every agent, often not knowing who has been in and when.  Equally owners do not need to remember to contact each agency if a price changes, if their property is sold, or if indeed they wish to withdraw the property from the market. We handle all that.     

Why would other agents work with us? 

Any agreed commission rates are shared equally between he selling agent and ourselves, should one of the agents introduce a buyer which subsequently leads to a sale.  If we sell the property directly ourselves , then we still charge our lower commission rate.  Although sharing a sale commission means we will earn a lower rate of commission ourselves, we believe this approach will eventually lead to better collaboration and a far better and more consistent service to both buyers and sellers, leading to a more efficient, more active and transparent market.   

This is totally contrary to the way commissions usually work in Malta, but the sellers and buyers both benefit through consistent property information and pricing, maximised marketing, minimal time wasting, a consistent message, and increased security of the property.  The seller only needs to deal with ONE POINT OF CONTACT at any time, i.e. us.  It is our responsibility to then ensure that all other participating agents are kept up-to-date, whether due to a price change, changed circumstances, any offers, or whether an offer has been accepted or a contract exchanged, or indeed if the property has been withdrawn or taken off the market. 

Well, for starters, our collaborating agencies do not need to do any of the preparatory work with regards preparing all the marketing materials to a professional standard.  This includes all the photography, property descriptions and related information necessary for uploading onto their websites.  Typically this work may involve 2, 3 or more people from each agency.  They will obviously view the property (in fact we insist on this) to familiarise themselves with the property and meet the owner(s) if they are in Gozo or Malta at the time.   We do all the work necessary from offer to sale on behalf of the owners and liase with the other agents with their buyers,or directly to the buyers if through us to ensure a smooth transaction through to completion.  

We have build good relations with a range of selected agencies, including at least one major agency both in Gozo AND in Malta, who can see the benefits to this mode of working in a collaborative way.   We look to encourage more and more agencies to consider this model and mode of working for themselves, the betterment of the Real Estate market, owners and potential buyers.

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