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Buyer Agents Service

  • Posted on:  Friday, 29 August 2014 00:00
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Buyer Agents Service

selected-agentWe also operate as Buyer Agents.  Persons who live in the USA are maybe more familiar with this service concept, but it is little used in most of Europe, and certainly not in Malta. Essentially we can represent you exclusively in relation to sourcing, negotiating, and moving into a property.  This service is particularly useful for individuals who do not have the time to spend repeated visits meeting different agents, explaining your requirements over and over again, often viewing the same properties several times over in the process. 

Why should I not use multiple agents?

Well, of course you can, and maybe if you are very familiar with the Maltese Islands, can conduct local negotiations, and handle multiple agencies, and know them personally, this may be best for you. But there are many disadvantages as well, even when you know the Island but do not live locally.  

Gozo and Malta are relatively small and there almost every single agency is directly competing to show you the very same properties. So inevitably you will get quite a few dejavue experiences along the way. This is a waste of your, the agents, and also the owners precious time.  This is particularly apperent if you are only over on a 3-day visit, and the 12 properties shortlisted through 3 agencies turn out to be 4 or 5 at best. 

Well I guess I can do the same with another agent, so why use move2Gozo? 

We started out in this business as Buyer agents and negotiators and so built up many working relationships with competing agents, prepared to work in this collaborative way. We started this business following our own experiences in the UK, Malta and France.  Although we represent owner properties on our website, we believe in an honest open relationship and will always point out any pitfalls or potential issues that would or may need addressing. It is not in our interest to avoid informing you about a planned development we are aware of which will block your nice countryside views in the near future. You are buying a lifestyle as well as an investment, and we work to achieve that for you in the best possible manner.  All our past clients without exception are also now our friends. Relationships are built on trust. That's the way we like it to be.

To-date we believe that no other agency in Malta offers an open service like ours, that ensures the buyer can get to see any property on the market through working with other agencies as and when required.

But are you not also an Estate Agency yourselves?

sold signageCorrect! We became a full registered estate agency for a variety of reasons.  We had alot of encouragement, also from Agencies we have worked with to make this move.  This took place some 5 years ago.  We also did not find online representations of properties In Malta and Gozo of a sufficient standard for us to market online.  There are often inconsistencies in prices and descriptions on other agency websites, and photos are often not of a good enough standard for us to use.  So we now ensure  our prices are up-to-date and correct. We view and vet every single property and prepare our own information and descriptions.

We pride ourselves on representing the best properties, and in the best possible manner. We take and process all our own photos, unless in rare situations a client (usually developers) have supplied professional ones suitable for our use.  On average you can view at least 20 photos on any one property we currently present on our website.  Our descriptions walk you through the property giving you a better perspective as well as a feeling of being there.  Many of our clients have comment positively on this.

Do I have to pay for this service? 

No, not directly. In fact it makes no difference to you cost wise as our reward is our agency commission on a successful sale.  If we successfully negotiate a sale through another agency, rather than directly, then we split our commission equally with the selling agent.  Our normal selling commission rates are lower than the main agencies, so this allows us to do this.  What we ask of course is that you work through us exclusively as otherwise we are putting alot of dedicated time and effort in .  

What else do you do if I decide to engage you exclusively?

We help you with ALL aspects of the property purchasing process and more. We can help you with everything from finding and purchasing the property through to sourcing a suitable Notary, a lawyer if required,  Tax advisors, Home help, Architects and contractors for any property works you may required or decide to carry out after your purchase. We essentially become a one-stop-shop.   We can also assist with Business relocation, and introduce Businesses to all the relevant Government, Finance, Educationals and other establishments necessary for you to make a decision to relocate. We may charge a small fee for Business relocation services if it involves more that 2 persons.

Business Relocation Services

We can also assist with your business relocation.  We introduce businesses looking to base themselves in Malta and Gozo, to all the relevant Government departments depending on the business, including Malta Enterprise, Malta Council for Science and Technology, the Malta Communications Authority, Finance, Educational, and other establishments necessary for you to make an informed decision to relocate.  

We charge a small fee for Business relocation services if it involves more than 2 persons. We first started this service as founder members of the ICT Gozo Malta Project, whose aim is to encourage and grow ICT related Services, particularly in Research and Development, in Gozo. 

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