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Best places to retire Overseas for a Better Climate

A Mediterranean Climate in Malta – Malta ranked in Top 3 by International Living

Extract: You may have not heard about the European island nation that takes third place in the climate category, but Malta has it all: The Mediterranean Sea, a peaceful lifestyle and a warm, sunny climate. If you love culture, history and excellent weather, then Malta (60 miles from the Italian island of Sicily) will be perfect for you.

Winters are mild and rainy, and summers are hot and dry. Spring begins in late February and it is October before summer ends. Frost and snow are weather conditions here. Winter rainfall tends to come in heavy bursts over short periods of time. In the winter (November to April) temperatures average 57F and there is 6.5 hours of daylight. During the summer the average is 73F and daylight increases to 10.5 hours. The waters are blue and cool, and the sun almost always shines.

Malta’s location means delightful, relatively warm winters. This is a great location for getting away from winter snow! You can walk around in shirt sleeves to stroll the streets and explore the countryside. High summer can be hot and muggy, but that’s when folks head to the many beaches. On an island this small (122 square miles), you’re never too far from one.

Source: International Living

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