Gozo chosen as one of 50 most attractive tourist destinations 2011

Gozo Cliffs and Coastline photo by Clive Vella/MTA

The QualityCoast Jury evaluated over 500 international tourist destinations in nine Southern European countries. The selected destinations are combined into the “QualityCoast 2011 – Southern European Top 50.”

Fifty tourist destinations have been selected for their attractiveness to visitors interested in nature and cultural heritage, environment and sustainability. 

Thirty indicators have been used for this evaluation. Each indicator reflects a distinctive aspect of sustainability. All Top 50 destinations have a clean environment; some are typical nature destinations whilst others are a typical cultural heritage destinations that have kept their own identity over time.

The Top 50 destinations are located in Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

The QualityCoast jury consists of independent experts (including experts at high political level, experts from nature and environmental NGOs and of business associations), with experience in communities performance and sustainability, but also with a realistic vision of the national context.

Courtesy of Gozo News: Full article 

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