Life in the fast lane

Roadworks, dust, what next?

The start of spring is now under way, the weather is getting warmer, though we still get occasional wind and rain. The major infrastructure works in the capital Victoria have been driving us all mad, as getting from A to B can be very frustrating, even for those of us who think they know their way around, as the route changes by the day, and never mind the dust. Confused visitors in hired cars seem to be driving helplessly around in circles. The discovery of archaeology at the old city boundary wall didn’t help matters as work on the entire section was halted while experts were brought in to photograph and record. However, looking on the bright side, we will have spanking new roads from the east of the island through to Victoria. The main Road to Gharb in the West was also completed a few years ago.

At last the electric overhead cables are being buried, a new drainage system, new water pipes and pavement embellishments, once completed will look great. 

I have to add that Gharb Village square has also been dug up, as has our own road. Again new drainage systems, water pipes, will be order of the day. The square will be partially pedestrianised with stone cobbles. More on this later, as there willbe some surprises :-). 

Last year the Bus terminus was completely rebuilt, along with the arrival of a modern bus fleet for both islands.  The new service in Gozo is not far short of exellent, as one can now traverse across the island without even needing to stop at the old central hub and also runs up to midnight.

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