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News from the back of beyond…

From time to time Fiona Keeling, whose first visit to Gozo was back in the 1970’s, will give us an insight into what is happening here in Gozo, not just from a property perspective but anything that comes to mind as being of interest to talk about from the weather to life on Gozo, the food and local music scene,

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Life in the fast lane

Roadworks, dust, what next? The start of spring is now under way, the weather is getting warmer, though we still get occasional wind and rain. The major infrastructure works in the capital Victoria have been driving us all mad, as getting from A to B can be very frustrating, even for those of us who think they know their way

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Why Live in Gozo?

From a resident to a visitor Having bought and moved here six years ago we have never regretted choosing the quieter life on Malta’s sister island. We love to visit Malta for its shopping, theatre and exhibitions but find ourselves heaving a huge sigh of relief as the ferry pulls out of Circiewwa and the stress evaporates as we head

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